1. Stainless steel material flow switch, good sealed , corrosive resistance , reliable performance, and affordable.
2. Installation: Horizontal series installed in parallel to the flow tube.
3. Application: liquid level controller ,used in low corrosive environment like humidifiers, air conditioning systems etc.
4. Note: The flow rate was higher than the testing requirements, flow fluid path same as the direction of the arrow.

  The flow switches are installed on the water pipe through series connection or parallel connection,It is used hydraulic pressure (air pressure) to drive magnetic induction and convey switch signals.

   The water flow switches send on or off signal according to the flow volume, it is an important component of the fluid flow controls system.If  the  flow in the pipe is lager than start-up volume, the magnetic valve will be moved by  the force of  flow pressure, and then it  will trigger the reed switch that same sealed in the vavle and send the signal . When the flow volume reduce lower than the start-up volume,magnetic valve core will be forced back to theoriginal place by the reset spring in the vavle.