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  RGP industrial electrical co., ltd is devoting to design and manufacture the sensing switch for more than 10 years. we have striven and now provides some of the best sensor solutions for liquid level, flow switch, for the most demanding float switch applications. Whether you need a single point float switch or multiple, continue ones, RGP can direct you to 
the proper sensing switch solution. Our Company offers standard float switch sensors in stock for same day shipment,and can also delivery custom configures sensing switches in only 3~5 days.
  We combine our wide range of sensing technologies with numerous material choices to fit almost any application.We have material choices such as Stainless steel, Polypropylene, Teflon PVDF, Copper and etc. To ensure you are provided a sensor with durability and long life.
  Whether you need a float switch, continuous liquid level sensor, pressure or temperature sensor, utilized in Water and Waste Water Tanks, Food and Food Processing Equipment, HVAC, Specialty Vehicles, Medical, or any Industrial Application, let RGP provide it.